15 Best Cloud Based Security Solutions And Products For Business

Cloud Architects can use the all-in-one solution to easily manage multiple layers of security. Even executives can benefit from data-intensive reports on audit compliance and form a better line of communication with their DevOps teams. CloudGuard, Checkpoint’s product for securing multi-cloud environments, is a context-based cloud security engine supporting many different cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, Vmware, Oracle etc.

cloud security providers

Adequate cloud hosting can also work well in offering you added security from attackers. It provides services across multiple sectors, including telecommunications and government. It safeguards essential cloud applications such as OneDrive, Google Drive, among others. With multi-cloud network protection and workload protection, teams developing apps on public, private, and hybrid clouds can all benefit. With Fortinet, Cloud Engineers can have full visibility of the current state of security of their applications. With their Security-as-a-Service API, developers can easily hook existing products into Fortinet’s native cloud adapters.

Managed Security Service Providers: Making The Cloud Safe For Everyone

The “Lacework Polygraph” establishes “normal” baseline behavior, which is used to later determine potential behavior anomalies. This allows for potential attacks to be detected even if there’s no signature match. With so many layers of data control, it’s almost impossible for hackers to steal this information even if there is a security incident. With everything “baked in” through native cloud adapters, developers can “set it and forget it” until there’s an incident requiring manual attention. Even if a security incident does arise, the platform can help Cloud Security Engineers figure out what’s going on faster and respond more quickly and accurately.

SiteLock was started in 2008 and secures more than 21 million websites across the world. SiteLock is a cloud-based security firm which safeguards sites from attacks, malware and other cyber threats. Proofpoint precisely works on email security management so customers can ensure their systems are free of threats. Sophos Central offers runtime protection against attacks such as ransomware, mitigating exploits within the web, preventing external DLLs to load, plugins, java applications, among others. This solution secures your web apps and devices while assisting you to stay compliant through its exclusive cloud-only solutions .

The company derives revenue principally from the United States through the subscription fees and the sales to customers purchasing additional support. Remote monitoring also analyzes ongoing security developments as systems and technology change so as to identify potential weaknesses before they become major problems. Although best known for its email security solution, is another cloud-based security provider which offers protection against numerous cybersecurity threats. It provides security to your devices and compliance assets as well as related services.

  • Security in the cloud requires a patchwork of solutions, including identity management for mobile workforces, threat intelligence, DNS filtering, next-gen firewalls, and advanced endpoint protection.
  • Furthermore, it also guarantees that while it preserves to avoid loss of data, it comprises no keys for decrypting any information.
  • Checkpoint is one of the most trusted vendors and manufacturers of network firewalls and other security products.
  • It facilitates data protection through identifying compromised assets and handling them accordingly.

Lacework’s cloud security platform takes a top-down approach to securing all types of cloud-based apps, containerized or not, and on any major platform. Regardless of where an application is hosted, HyTrust provides a full suite of keying tools, including complete key management and even cloud-based rekeying on the fly. A key CWP feature is that everything on cloud security providers the workload is controlled and secured by the agent, such as zero-day threats, file integrity monitoring, host-based IPS, vulnerability protection etc. Likewise, CloudPassage works at the bare metal level to ensure server-level compliance with industry standards. Beyond that, it supports most containerization, giving users three layers of cloud security.

For example, Cloud Security Engineers and DevOps Engineers can easily review reports to help them determine faster, more secure workflows and procedures. CloudPassage can be used by employees all the way from junior-level engineers through the C-suite. This safety-first philosophy helps prevent zero-day attacks even if the vendor can’t issue a hotfix quickly enough.

Many of the worst performers just did a round of funding and haven’t had a chance to deploy to drive growth yet. Stopping breaches using cloud-scale data and analytics requires a tightly integrated platform. Each function plays a crucial part in detecting modern threats, and must be designed and built for speed, scale and reliability. Rather than paying for in-house cloud security personnel and solutions, organizations have begun outsourcing these security functions to third-party MSSPs. A renowned security firm, Sophos was started in 1985 and offers cloud solutions such as firewall, encryption, web and mobile security, antimalware, among others.

Cloud Security Posture Management

It could involve a software scan or an attempt to hack your systems to test the robustness of your security measures. Penetration testing helps organizations evaluate their IT infrastructure and get an honest assessment of its strengths and weaknesses. Risk assessment may also include on-site mitigation support after a data breach has occurred, including emergency incident response and forensic analysis.

cloud security providers

Firms use such tools in enforcing policies, protecting information transmitted through or stored in cloud applications. These provisions offer secure access points, like gateways and sandboxes, for only approved users to only launch and subsequently run cloud applications in a safe environment. In such scenarios, numerous organizations are looking for a solution to safeguard their cloud architecture and subsequently relying on various solutions to help them curb breaches.

What Can I Do To Prevent This In The Future?

Setting security aside, teams can also take advantage of AppDynamics, which allows developers to easily view performance and resource metrics. Given that seven out of the top ten Fortune companies utilizing PaloAlto’s Prisma security platform, there’s a reason the product is so well-known. This is that Prisma truly does it all, from analytics reporting to threat prevention. Supporting all major cloud computing platforms with “adapters” for their product , Cloud Workload Protection can automatically scale up and down as workload resources scale up and down as well. With more and more businesses adopting cloud infrastructure to safeguard their critical data, there is also a continued increase in concerns over data privacy and security. The worst performers here are companies like YayPay with $3.68 dollars raised ($14m) per dollar of revenue ($3.8m).

Fortinet’s cloud security products place an emphasis on application portability on any cloud platform. This gives development teams the most breathing room regarding changing hosting providers, should the need arise. Alarm.com Holdings provides a software-as-a-service, or SaaS, platform solution for the connected home. The platform allows home and business owners to secure their properties and automate and control an array of connected devices.

Lacework’s overall infrastructure monitoring makes it easy for Security Engineers to identify shortcomings and fix them. Artificial intelligence makes alerts more informative than average and doesn’t clog developers’ inboxes. Cloud Network Security that supports full and partial network segregation allows for network engineers to truly define secure data transmission. Prisma’s Posture Management services allow for both regulatory compliance measures and threat detection. This solution is mostly focused on monitoring your security, what they call as “observability” in DevOps terms.

Together, these Security Software saas companies serve 2B customers and employ over 101K on their teams. Predict and prevent modern threats in real time with the industry’s most comprehensive set of telemetry, threat intelligence and AI-powered analytics. CrowdStrike Falcon Horizon enables security teams to keep applications secure and proactively monitor and remediate misconfigurations while fast-moving DevOps teams build non-stop in the cloud. CrowdStrike Cloud Security goes beyond ad-hoc approaches by unifying everything you need for cloud security in a single platform to deliver comprehensive protection from the host to the cloud and everywhere in between. The global cloud security market is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 14.7 percent over the next half-decade, going from $34.5 billion in 2020 to $68.5 billion in 2025, MarketsandMarkets projects.

cloud security providers

Large enterprises are leading the way and have aggressively adopted technologies that safeguard cloud and Internet of Things -based applications, which are highly susceptible to cyberattacks. The cloud has both extended and complicated the cybersecurity landscape, meaning that guarding endpoints and the perimeter of your network is no longer enough to protect your systems https://globalcloudteam.com/ or your data. Security in the cloud requires a patchwork of solutions, including identity management for mobile workforces, threat intelligence, DNS filtering, next-gen firewalls, and advanced endpoint protection. As cloud adoption continues to grow and more and more workloads are migrated to cloud architectures, cybersecurity is only going to become more complicated.

The same servers, software and apps that used to be located on-premises in the previous decades, are now migrated to cloud services, but they still need the same security protection level as before. To help you navigate and identify the right cloud security solution, herein is an overview of what these systems do along with a list of options for you to choose from. One console provides centralized visibility over cloud security posture and workloads regardless of their location.

Cisco Cloud Security

It also facilitates data loss prevention, cloud computing as well as related security, cloud encryption gateway, among others uses. In addition, Cisco provides email security, assistance with securing remote workers’ machines, and many other tertiary security solutions. Threats can be easily detected and thwarted, as Cisco provides real-time security alerts.

See everything, detect, prevent and respond to threats faster, ensure compliance, scale at will, and enable DevOps to build safely in the cloud. HyTrust workload encryption is designed for applications handling sensitive data in the cloud. Its workload encryption services work with both in-house, physical servers and all major cloud platforms. Currently, businesses should implement elaborate cloud security measures to establish a strong data encryption and protection posture. Businesses with more than 1,000 employees also face the most pronounced threat from targeted attacks that have the potential to disrupt their IT services. What’s more, if you are a new startup and are yet to identify the precise cloud security solution you can invest in, you can fundamentally start with selecting an effective cloud hosting program.

Threat Graph Breach Prevention Engine

Also, cloud security is an evolving challenge which can be addressed only if the technologies and tools are structured to grow along with it. They need to be versatile and use technologies in their setting like file integrity monitoring, intrusion detection, two-factor authentication and much more. Since 2016, CrowdStrike has demonstrated a strong commitment to continuous industry collaboration, scrutiny, and testing. Time and time again, CrowdStrike has been independently certified to replace legacy solutions. SiteLock provides website protection by scanning vulnerabilities, identifying and eradicating malware. Rather than simply encrypt databases and salt them, HyTrust’s platform automatically granularly encrypts each container and virtual machine and contents within them.

It facilitates data protection through identifying compromised assets and handling them accordingly. The product includes also API protection so malicious actors can’t abuse your services. It also comes with both private and public cloud security and monitoring, and it actively hunts for new threats on the horizon. Notably, CloudGuard supports also security for containerized and serverless apps. Stop cloud breaches with unified cloud security posture management and breach prevention for multi-cloud and hybrid environments in a single platform. With perimeter management services, an MSSP will install, upgrade, and manage your company’s firewall, email, virtual private network , and intrusion detection hardware and software.

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Staggering amounts of data are required to develop and trial new specimens, new products, new cures, and new solutions. However, and most importantly, ensure that the solution you ultimately settle for offers you adequate monitoring and support. Anyone authorized to can use the platform to see real-time statistics on database queries, server cluster uptime, resource usage, and even suggestions for improvements as development continues. Regardless of how servers hosting a cloud-based application are configured, Datadog creates a “deep-dive” view of what’s really happening behind the scenes. First, it simply “listens” to incoming and outgoing traffic and records anomalies.

Because of MSSPs, businesses of all types and sizes can leverage the benefits of the cloud without compromising security. CipherCloud offers a single platform that secures sensitive customer information across multiple private and public cloud applications without compromising on performance or functionality. Other features, like identity management, layer seven level security, and API protection as well as a sleek reporting infrastructure make this truly an all-in-one cloud security solution. Checkpoint is one of the most trusted vendors and manufacturers of network firewalls and other security products.

Omnisend comes in a close second with $.08 dollars raised for every dollar of revenue. Proposify gets honorable mention with $0.46 dollars raised (3.25m) for every dollar of revenue ($7m). Looking deeper at dollars in revenue compared to dollars raised, bootstrappers take the cake because they self fund . When we look at companies that have raised at least $1m, Actito is the clear winner generating $21m in revenue, growing 100% yoy, on just 1m raised ($.05 dollars raised for every $1 of revenue).

CrowdStrike® Container Security automates the secure development of cloud-native applications delivering full stack protection and compliance for containers, Kubernetes, and hosts across the container lifecycle. Gain visibility across your entire cloud estate, continuously monitor for misconfigurations, enforce security policies and compliance, and proactively stop cloud breaches. Network providers and direct cloud on-ramps to ensure the highest performing and most cost-effective solutions for their customers. When systems are updated and new technologies are implemented, it is very important to ensure your existing compliance protocols are still sufficient.

It safeguards sensitive and essential business data by providing cloud email security solutions to all sizes of businesses and brands. Offers reliability and security across both private and public clouds, threat protection, vulnerability management, monitoring, file integrity, among other utilities. Rather than having multiple components of security control products, CloudGuard takes a unified approach to threat prevention and posture management from a unified platform. With the numerous security threats looming at such a significant rate, it is now essential for businesses to predetermine data breaches and prevent the attacks from penetrating their systems. Create less work for security and DevOps teams and optimize cloud deployments with unified protection for any cloud.

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